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Buddha statue or Buddha painting of a Buddha is called in Sanskrit a "Buddharupa," meaning "the form of an Enlightened One." So Buddha statue represent the "enlightened one". the idol of the Buddhist religons. Buddha statues are a symbol of Buddhism's founder. Siddhartha Gauthama.Buddhists have used such images for thousands of years to show how the Truth can be found within oneself through the practice of meditation and spiritual training. Thus, a statue of Shakyamuni does more than commemorate an historical figure; it is a reminder of the spiritual potential inherent within all of us to awaken to the Truth as He, a fellow human being, did.

Buddhists usually place figures of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on their altars. Bowing and offering incense at these altars expresses both the recognition of the sublime spiritual qualities shown by these statues and the aspiration to manifest these same qualities within ourselves.

The primary role of Buddha statue is to convey the calm feelings that reflect ones proper mental discipline as having the control over the negative emotions of fear and greed. However, Buddha statues also serve an important role in conveying teachings, particularly in traditional societies with low literacy rates. Buddha satue inspire us to develop our inner qualities to achieve happiness good fortun. Buddha statue also bring the satisfaction in our lives. Buddha statue in all cultures are usually depicted as stern in stature, pose, and dress. The Buddha's ethereal features are emphasized, while its human features are de-emphasized.Another important aspect of buddha statue is the mudras, or hand gestures conveying certain ideas. (ex: concentration, knowledge, and fulfillment of vows).

While Buddha Statue come in a wide variety of poses, the most common is the Buddha in Lotus Position. This is a position of meditation that symbolizes perfect balance of thought and tranquility. Many Buddha statues sit on a pedestal in the form of a lotus blossom. The lotus represents the Buddha Mind because, though growing in mire, it puts forth beautiful, immaculate flowers. There are different kind of mudra and postures buddha statues can be found. Buddha statues symbolize protection and peace in one’s home or garden. Place Buddha statues in central areas in your home or office for daily inspirationa dn as an reminder of our own capacity to achieve the good life. Buddha Statues Calling the Earth to Witness are represented by Buddha’s right hand touching the ground in a gesture that symbolizes unshakable faith and resolution. The reclining Buddha representing the Buddha’s death and passage to Nirvana symbolizes complete peace and detachment from the world.

Some Buddha statues are actually based on Bodhisattvas, people could have passed to Nirvana, but instead chose to remain in this world out of compassion for other human beings. Our Buddha statues are casted by master artisans in Nepal according to exact tradation specification using the ancient lost wax process. Buddha satatue we offer are of high qulaity casted by master artisans from patan. We guarantee you that our buddha statues feature best details and high quality. We believe the quality of our copper buddha satues, brass buddha statues, stone buddha statues and wooden buddha statues will appeal to those interested in Buddhism and mediation. Due to the fact that this is Nepal based non profitable website. Nepal being power house of carved buddha statue so all the buddha statues we offer are of extremely unbelievable prices.

BuddhaStatues.Org offer wide collection of copper buddha statues, bronze buddha statues, stone buddha statues and wooden buddha statues. Here the short description of each buddha statue we offer.

Shakayamuni Buddha Statue: Shakyamuni Buddha was born on 563 B.C. at Lumbini, western part of Nepal. Gautam Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha)
  is believed to have had 550 incarnations. Many previous Buddhas and other Buddhas yet to come are known
  as Buddhas. MORE >>>>
Medicine Buddha Statue: Medicine Buddha is also known as Bhaisajyaguru. Medicine Buddha is also called the Healing Buddha. Medicine Buddha
  is said to dispense spiritual medicine when properly worshipped. In Tibet, Medicine Buddha may be represented either as
  a Buddha or as a Bodhisatwa. MORE >>>>
Dhyani Buddha Statue Dhyani Buddhas (i.e. Pancha Buddhas) are emanated from Adibuddha. there are five Dhyani just Buddhas (Buddhas in
  Meditation). Dhyani Buddha are not separate gods. Dhyani Buddha are abstract aspects of Buddhahood. They are also
  often called Tathagata. MORE >>>>
Siddhartha Statue Buddha's original name was Siddhartha. Siddhartha meant one who had accomplished his aim. . Gautama was
  Siddhartha's family name. Buddha's father was Suddhodana, king of the Sakhyas Buddha's mother was named Maya.
  Buddha was born in B.C. 560. MORE >>>>
Amitabha Buddha Statue Amitabha buddha is the most ancient Buddhas among the Dhyani Buddhas. Amitabha buddha said to reside in the
  Sukhabita heaven in peaceful meditation. The Buddha of Infinite Light" who resides in the Pure Land in the Western
  Heaven. MORE >>>>
Maitreya Buddha Statue Maitreya Buddha is a future Buddha who is expected to cam to earth from Tushita Heaven. Maitreya, whose name
  means "loving - kindness" or "Friend", is the Buddha of the future. Maitreya may be represented as a standing figure
  adorned with rich ornaments and holding in his right hand the stalk of a lotus. MORE >>>>
Nirvan Buddha Statue NIrvan Buddha: Nirvan Buddha or Sleepingentering into Nirvana in Kushnagar in 543 B.C. in reclining posture after
  45 years in untiring efforts is preaching the path to emancipation form the bondage of sufferingthree months before
  the full moon of the month of Magh, Buddha had announced to the Bhikhhus in Vaisali . MORE>>>>
Crown Buddha Statue Crown Buddha is a Buddh in the Position of meditation know as firm as a diamond. Crown Buddha is making the
  Gesture of " Touching the earth" Gesture and attitude are equally characteristic of the historic Buddha Shakayamuni and of
  his earthlypredecessors. MORE>>>>
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